We understand that as an athlete, finding the best agent to represent you in a competitive goal-driven market can be a daunting prospect. Quality and specialized advice in the career of a footballer is fundamental in order to obtain the best advantages for their professional development always based on a mutual trust and openness between agent and footballer. Unfortunately the professional career of a footballer is not very lengthy therefore there is a need to extract the best performance possible.


From there is where the principle function of an agency starts by scouting, promoting, negotiating and advising a player in the most effective way possible by helping them to choose the option in their best interests both personal and financial.


Dan De-van Sporting Club have the right team in place that will intermediate, negotiate and renegotiate our clients’ contracts with national and international clubs always seeking the best choice that obviously bears in mind the wishes of a player.


The objective of our club will always be to defend the rights of our clients against any adversity or conflict that could arise during their career. We centre and combine our efforts to obtain total tranquility so that the player can develop their professional trajectory positively without distractions.


We are here to guide and help the players make an informed decision that supports what is most important for your individual career development.

We provide these services to our clients:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Career management
  • Training and Nutrition
  • Marketing and Endorsements
  • Financial planning
  • Media relations
  • Legal Services
  • Post career Counseling
  • Charity involvement


Football Base


Dan De-van Sporting Club firmly supports young peoples’ values in international football, guiding them on the first steps until the end of their sporting career. Junior players are the future of football and a vital importance.


From our technical office, our coaches and ex professional players will advise our footballers by carrying out thorough checks on their progress, from the start right through to the height of their success.


We do not put a limit on the representation of our players or the negotiation of their contracts, which at these young ages is neither the most important nor convenient.



We create a development plan with a minor’s family, trying to avoid negative influences that so many promising careers have been cut short by and concentrate on their wellbeing and academic and social formation.


In this way we raise the probability of having before us a great future football player but above all a great individual.



Our experienced lawyers will advise and mediate during conflicts, controversies, procedures etc that could arise during our clients’ sporting career. Furthermore the managers will examine all contracts either from clubs or marketing companies, always seeking out the most beneficial option for the client.


Also we rely on fiscal and industrial consultancy, where problems on both sides will be treated and clients’ investments will be orientated towards gaining the maximum return out of their income.


Here comes into play our technical office with coaches that have nationally recognized qualifications from the GFA and ex professional players, our clients are advised and assessed on a purely sporting level. Periodically tasks will be carried out on our players and that will help them on the path to success.


Image Rights


Our marketing and publicity department is in charge of promoting our representatives that, today as everyone knows the football phenomenon is present in a number of publicity campaigns.


Another important part of a footballer's career is a good promotion of their image which will generate a source of income and a notoriety that will help in obtaining the newest and best contracts with clubs as well as with publicists.


Also it is the function of this department to mediate between our players and the media, granting interviews, reports or the participation of any spoken or written press.

Present day development and success of any society is substantially affected by structurally planned and well organized youth programs.

For this reason, Dan De-van Sporting Club has taken a gigantic step to build this site as an avenue through which youths from all over the world can be seen and connected with a club.