The key differentiator of our programme is holistic development of the football player. Dan De-Van Sporting Club offers a fully qualified and highly skilled technical team that is responsible for maintaining our high standards.

Our concept has been developed with the intention to form new development centres in schools and communities across the country.  In addition to developing youth players, Dan De-Van Sporting Club is committed to the discovery of raw talent as well as social development in the form of life skills programmes. In addition, Dan De-Van Sporting Club fosters youth development of the players, who, in many instances come from disadvantaged communities.

We aim to invest in the football scholars both on and off the football pitch.  This includes accommodation, education, and training and international competition participation at the highest standard. Our aim is to provide top class coaching and facilities that ensure all of our scholars achieve their potential, both on and off the field.  Hopefully, this will maximize the boys' opportunities of a career in professional football, whether at local, national or international level. 


Dan De-Van Sporting Club looks at developing 'the full package', with scholars gaining life skills, qualifications, a strong mentality and mindset for their future career, where they can guarantee the ongoing support from their families. Our skills development programme is focused on providing them with a good education, social expansion and a quality of life that will hold them in good stead in their future as professional footballers or in business after their playing career.

We have a well-developed football network in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. We are also represented by a good number of experienced football scouts in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and in local leagues. Our main objective is to engage in football activities within and outside Africa and to offer professional soccer services to professional and amateur players and to establish them in Europe, America, Asia and beyond.


Dan De-Van Sporting club manages her players and sees to it that they secure proper contracts in reputable clubs nationally and internationally. We stand next to our players every step of their career; we counsel them to concentrate more on playing and developing their skills on the pitch, while we cater for all other aspects, allowing a stress free and successful career.

We have a mechanism by which soccer clubs in Europe and Ghana can find the best material (soccer) talent aged between 16 - 22, without the urgent necessity of constant traveling or without complete information of the true talent scouted players. 

Given the difficulties that the players from Ghana and West Africa do have in the obtaining of visas to attend trials and other soccer events necessitated the Dan De-Van Sporting Club to organize foreign scouting tournaments in Accra, in order to give the chance to the many Ghanaian soccer talents to showcase their skills to some top European clubs scouts and agents.


Our team

Our Team consists of talented group of individuals whose experience spans on a variety of industries. This diverse background allows us to incorporate many points of view and apply them in novel ways to solve day to day organizational challenges.

Our approach is to perform an annual comprehensive review of markets and opportunities, then make long-term strategic decisions without the distractions of day-to-day administration